Month of Microfinance Contests and Internships

The Month of Microfinance is coming to Elon from April1 to April 30, 2014!

The Month of Microfinance is coming to Elon from April1 to April 30, 2014!

Elon Microfinance Initiative is proud to support the Month of Microfinance, which will be held again this year from April 1-30. The Month of Microfinance is a small movement of student groups in the United States dedicated to the causes of microfinance and social business. EMI is an endorsing partner of the Month of Microfinance, joining forces with organizations such as Accion USA, Kiva, and the Whole Planet Foundation.

To promote their cause, the Month of Microfinance is sponsoring several contests for students:

$200 – Best Student Microfinance-related Video

Your video can explain microfinance, highlight a particular organization, or do anything else to educate about client-centered microfinance.  The video will be judged based on the educational value, creativity, and strength of message. One high school and one college student will be awarded a $200 Kiva Card which can be used to lend a loan on 

 $50 – $200 – Student Essay Competition on Microfinance

The Month of Microfinance and our partners are calling for original essays from students of microfinance (middle school, high school, undergraduates and graduate students) in both English and Spanish.

$100 – Best Microfinance T-Shirt

The Month of Microfinance and our partner Bonsai People – The Vision of Muhammad Yunus want to spark your artistic creativity, so we’re asking you to create t-shirt designs on the website and send us the t-shirt design you’ve made.  You’re allowed to submit as many t-shirt ideas as you’d like and you may want to print yours and wear it around to spark a dialogue on microcredit and month of microfinance. You have two chances of winning.  We have a Best Design and a Most Viral award.  Both winners will receive $100 and a Bonsai People DVD.

In addition, the Month of Microfinance has several internship opportunities available for the summer of 2014. These internships include opportunities for students to work with microfinance organizations in New Jersey, North Carolina, Rhode Island, and Tennessee. They also include international development opportunities in Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. You could even work with small business owners EMI has loaned to!

For more information, be sure to visit the Month of Microfinance’s website.


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