jabborJabbor is an active and cheerful man of 72. He lives and works in the Shahrituz region of Tajikistan. In Tajikistan, winter arrives and is not very cold. It gets cold on in the Pamira Mountains. But in Shahrituz winter comes and goes almost without notice. Residents of Shahrituz can plant crops at any time of year, because the sun shines almost the entire year. The proof is shown in the photograph of Jabbor; the photo was taken at the end of January.

Using the favorable climate of his native places, Jabbor actively begins the potato planting. In order to plant potatoes it is necessary to buy potatoes and mineral fertilizers. But for completing the purchase Jabbor does not have enough money, Therefore, he applied for a loan. He needs help to purchase potatoes and mineral fertilizers, in order to plant potatoes.

Elon Microfinance Initiative helped Jabbor continue his potato farming business with a $50 loan in February 2014.

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