Victoria’s Group

victoriaVictoria’s group consists of 12 members from Accra, Ghana. Their names are Berlinda, Mary, Portia, Mary, Patience, Elizabeth, Hannah, Augustina, Charles, Benedicta, Mary, and Victoria. They sell bread, sugar, biscuits, maize, jewelry, cooking utensils, tiles, charcoal, eggs, cloth, earrings, cutlery sets, vegetables, and fish.

Victoria is 38 years and has been selling cooking utensils for 15 years. She is married to Emmanuel, a 40-year-old businessman. She buys from a market in the capital and sells in the Teshie community. With this 500 GHS loan, her 2nd from ID Ghana, she will buy more goods to sell to customers.

The entire group needs an amount of 5,050 GHS to buy more goods to sell to their respective customers. Elon Microfinance Initiative helped Victoria’s Group realize their dreams in March 2013.

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