Cirila Faviana

cirilaCirila is 38 years old from the town of Camana in Peru. She is the mother of three children whom she loves so much and for whom she works to succeed on her own because she is a single mother and every day she fights tirelessly to be able to give her children the opportunities that she did not have. Cirila was only able to study until the fifth grade of secondary school, due to financial difficulties. The home where Cirila lives is in the city of Camana, known for its varied climate as well as for its agricultural development, especially the cultivation of rice.

Day by day, Cirila works in her small business selling meals. Her specialty is selling broasted chicken, chicken broth, salchipapas, and other meals. Cirila works about eight hours per day and may have up to 20 customers a day. She believes things are going well for her business because she is very friendly to her customers and because she has good seasoning (for her food).

Cirila is very happy and grateful to lenders because thanks to their help, she will be able to buy utensils for her business, such as frying pans, ladles, colanders, and other items. This way, she will be able to have the materials she needs to be able to work and improve her customer service, which will allow her to be able to improve her income and continue fighting to be able to make her greatest dream come true: to give her children good careers and to have a better location for her business.

Elon Microfinance Initiative proudly supported Cirila in February 2013 with a loan of $50.

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