Vision Hacia El Futuro Group

visionThis community bank is called ‘Visión Hacia el Futuro’. It has 21 members who are all entrepreneurs. They all work in different fields including making pottery, selling woodchips, making clothing, providing an electronic games service, selling groceries, selling plants, selling lingerie and selling household items. They all live in the town of Chillán.

Viviana is the bank’s treasurer. In the photo she is standing on the far left, wearing a red top, with her black hair tied back.

Viviana has been providing a laundry service for three years. She works flexible hours on a weekend as her regular customers work in a pulp mill. She says that her peak season is winter.

Viviana works from home where she has two washing machines. She uses different cleaning products, specifically detergents, bleach for coloreds and whites and also fabric softener. She buys all this merchandise in supermarkets. She will use her loan to buy detergents so that she can continue providing a laundry service.

One of Viviana’s goals was to make her business official and she is already completing the necessary paperwork. Viviana lives together with her husband and her two daughters who are 7 and 5 years old. Her dream, on a personal level, is to buy her own home. She has applied for a housing grant and her new house is in the process of being built.

Viviana is very happy and grateful for the opportunity provided by Fondo Esperanza as it will allow her to invest in her business. She feels very comfortable with her community bank as they carry out activities as a team and the members are all very committed. The training sessions have helped her to learn how to better manage her business and her income.

In April 2012, Elon Microfinance Initiative helped Viviana and her group with a loan of $25.

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