Siempre Unidos Group

siempreThe communal bank ‘Siempre Unidos’ was formed by a group of neighbours in the district of Cusco, Peru. This bank is made up of twelve people who are always on the lookout for opportunities to get ahead and who work to give their children a better future. The members’ economic activities include selling mobile phones, cosmetics, food, tickets for tourists, natural drinks and clothes. Other members provide services.

Laura, who is the woman holding up her hand in the photo, was born in the city of Puerto Maldonado but she currently lives in the beautiful city of Cusco. She is 55 years old and a single mother of five. Her main economic activity consists in selling food – she has a small restaurant. Laura needes loan to buy ingredients such as meat, potatoes, sacks of rice, vegetables, sacks of sugar, oil etc.

The groups’ members are grateful for the opportunity they have been given and are committed to making their various payments on time.

Cusco is part of the district of Cusco, situated in the southern Cusco province at the heart of an ancient Inca city. It is an area popular with tourists due to its archaeological sites, its historic centre, its landscape, its history and also due to the fact that it is a delightful city. Cusco is known for being a tourism and business hub. The city is also famous for its traditional ‘Inti Raymi’ festival and its proximity to one of the seven wonders of the world, ‘Machu Picchu’.

In April 2012, Elon Microfinance Initiative committed a $25 loan to the Siempre Unidos group.

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