Plan de Lucha Grupo

group2Ceferino (center, in white) is the coordinator of his group “Plan de Lucha” (Battle Plan), group 2, and his story is representative of his group members and of Esperanza’s Haitian and Dominican clients in general. This group is located in the rural areas surrounding Hato Mayor, an agricultural area so most of our loans are dedicated to the agriculture sector. Ceferino is running a butcher shop; other members in this group are breeding cattle, working the land, selling animals, etc.

Ceferino makes his home in a simple structure with his long-term partner and their five children. Ceferino was excited to take his 15th loan with Esperanza after successfully repaying his previous loans and growing his business. He used this loan to purchase a cow and pigs; he sells meat in the local market in his community. He used profits to provide for family expenses and to reinvest in his business. His long term goal is to have a little farm where he can raise animals and sell them.

Elon Microfinance Initiative helped Ceferino and his group achieve their goals in 2012 with a loan of $25.

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