nyomanNyoman is a master carver who specializes in Balinese masks. He would like to purchase larger amounts of wood to continue production.

Nyoman has been selling through NOVICA since 2002. This is his story:

“I learned to carve at a very young age. Handicrafts are becoming the main wage earner in my village. My experiences have led me to concentrate on carved masks. I learned to design from my father; this craft is taught and learned from generation to generation. The material I most commonly use is hibiscus wood. It has good characteristics and it isn’t too heavy.”

“At the moment I’m having trouble buying wood when I should be preparing my stock for the holiday season. I think this microcredit project offers us good opportunities, and so I thank all of you for your participation. Now I will be able to concentrate on carving and increasing my stock. I hope it will sell well so I can repay the loan within a short time period.”

Use the link below to view Nyoman’s hand-carved Balinese masks on the NOVICA site:

In October 2012, Elon Microfinance Initiative helped Nyoman fund his business with a $25 loan.

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