amarjargalAmarjargal is 43 years old and a hard-working woman who lives with her family in an outer ‘ger’ district (a district without basic infrastructure) of Ulaanbaatar city, Mongolia. She has four children aged from 2 to 18; her spouse works at a local company, while their children are enrolled in school except their elder daughter. Their elder daughter helps her to operate the family business.

Since 2008, Amarjargal has been operating a clothing business with two small stalls at the largest outdoor market of Mongolia. When she started her business she had a lower working capital, but today it’s increased and has become 2.1 million MNT (Mongolian Tugriks).

Amarjargal imports her clothes from Ereen, a border city between Mongolia and China, twice in a month. Autumn is very high shopping season in our country, therefore she needs to buy more clothes to sell. With her business income she is planning to pay tuition fees for her daughter who studies at the state university. In 2011, Elon Microfinance Initiative loaned $50 to Amarjargal to help her run her business.

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